Already Past Tense / Earthquake – nevertheless: Happyness in the House

For me and most of us who have never been in a situation like this, it is almost impossible to understand or feel how live is for people in less fortunate circumstances,that get even tougher after such an earth quake.  Temporary housing, poor electrify supply due to regular brown outs, questionable sanitary facilities and to top it off a gas crisis. Isn’t it  amazing to still be able to create and environment of joy and love. People seem to have learned to cope with the certainty of uncertainty. To worry to much isn’t a good thing and not helpful, I have been told.

“Don’t worry about the fact that you can’t use the machine right now.” “Not at all, we don’t worry otherwise we would worry about to worry….”


Rice and other supply.


Bedroom ….even all the blankets didn’t keept them warm.


You can even see the light coming through …

Kitchen & crack in the old house beside the temporary house.


Toilet outside…


Shower outside ….


The Boys Room today… still 7 more mattasses to be delivered today… totally mindblowing how fast the bunkbeds have been made : each comes with 2 boxes. Maybe we created a new standard here:)


Kitchen now- first day after mooving: )


Plumber was already there to ensure the new baby can be used…


And enough space to build a coocking facility until gas is available again….


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