Morning Briefing  / Up is the way to Go / Enjoying the Way to Go

Steel yes, very good, yes, last very long, yes, available, yes. … I got briefed to define how a bed should look like. My drawing skills are very limited and therefore decided to check online. 

Easy: we also quickly agreed that we need to make use of the space below the first bed: ” We need to buy boxes that fit underneath…” ” Yes good idea!”    (Me thinking of all the other boxes we can buy for the kitchen 😜😜😜).   

We changed it a bit …. 😌

 Hmmmmm ……


Higher isn’t an option 🙂


I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I do. The process was done with all physical interaction you can think off. After we had breakfast and agreed on the measurements, I was given a day off to rest and send more mails :))))

Tomorrow we will go and look at the first houses.

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