Superprise School Visite/ “Whats your name?”

I got picked up at 8:3o this morning to go and have a look at a new house. We found one 🙂 Second action was to check with the “bed maker”. Was I surprised that we needed to go through the entire measurement experience again? Hmmmmm

The guy in the left corner checked if the boys stood and prayed correctly.
On our way to the second stop we passed by a school.  I
was very intrigued, stopped and took some nice pictures.  Just a few meters further down the way was the Bhakti International Academy …..     
Whats your name and where are you from?
Picture Please!!!! Ok

  Each child came to me and said: “Namaste, my name is:… “I had to repeat and believe me it wasn’t easy. We all laughed and I got applause for my efforts. Kids had to stand still, not play with their hair or cloth. Some where shy, some very eager and everybody paid attention and was curious:)

This was the smallest class. The teacher was very friendly and allowed us to spend some time in class.
He is not shy at all. 6 month ago he was crying a lot…. now no more:)


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