Wood / Metal and “The Germany Style”

After we did spend some time talking about how we are and what happened over the last 6 month, how much we appreciate that we can jointly help to improve the living conditions, we started to talk about the plan for the next 7 days. We had a lot of fun after the “The Germany Style” was “born”, needless to say it includes  priorities as well. And yes indeed, we liked it so much that we kept on talking about the plan and the next steps a number of times. And yes we enjoyed it and agreed and drifted a bit off and came back and added and forgot and reminded us…. Oh it was magical and I enjoyed the smooth flow a lot. Especially when I can sit in the sun.

Arjun is supporting us and so is Laxmi’s husband. We agreed that I need their help to spend all the funds I collected while I am in Nepal, otherwise I need to take it back home with me. I have been told, that I can count on their help 😏.    

prio 1: house, prio 2: bunk beds, prio 3: pillows and blankets, without prio 😜 (love that priority) school uniform and trousers for the children, prio 4: washing machine …..

Emergency box will not be listed in our prio list as we need to have it regardless of anything. Logical? Well of course.

Blue tooth speaker for our house warming party we already agreed on. I wonder if they like electro….

Beds need to take time to be build. So we decided to check out our options. Wood isn’t a good option at this point in time: not enough wood available and it is to expensive.

I got this one pretty quick. But we are flexible: “The Nepalese Style”came into play here….



In walking distance we found this place. Who will do magic for us. I love surprises …. Somehow reminded me of my time in Manila, but this an entirely different story. 


We walked to a place that will perform magic for us. Maybe he will do Berlin style, lets see (no I am not referring to the sad story of our inability to build the new airport, but this an entire different story!!).  Oh yes I am confident. We all agreed that steel is the way to go.  We met the owner and it was pretty clear what we want. 5 bunk beds, which we increase to 6 today. He told us that he already built some for another orphanage but unfortunately he could not find a picture on his smart phone. …. Exciting 

no coverage or protection for people 😦

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