Birthday Gift / Berlin different / Girlie Saturday afternoon

Thanks to my girlfriend I got to discover a new side of Berlin. After month of trying we finally managed to find a day for my birthday gift – which is already a few month ago – a joined Cooking class with my dear friend. 

Ajuvedic was the theme, all inspired by my trip to India beginning of the year, but this is an entirely dfferent story.

We took a subway not far away form Alexanderplatz for 30 min. and changed into a bus. We went to Kladow / Wannsee. It was very peaceful and felt very much like country side. 


We were 6 ladies learning from Brigitte Karbe ( all about food, spices, how to cut, clean, steer, smell … We all enjoyed the time we spend together and at the end all of us were hungry and ready to eat.

dream team
Great idea and very well arranged including a fresh coffee for me when we met to take the subway 😌

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  1. Loved the post. Did your instructor speak English? A constant question I have when looking for things to do in Berlin.


    1. BB says:

      Hi Rachael, I don’t know actually because this one was in German and assuming doesn’t help here. Did you check her website? Cheers from Nepal


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