Madonna for the Boys & Eye Candy for me

“Will you take off tomorrow?” “What?” “Ok 😦 so what time do we meet?” ” I have to work and have a call later!” ” Will we go to the Soho House?” “I need to work. But why you keep on asking?” ” Well I thought it would be nice to meet before the concert and …. ” —– yes exactly, I somehow (?!!) thought the concert is a day later.  We both acknowledged that I remember at all, hahaha.  I made up for it: we went to the Soho House after the concert. 

Anyway my frieds lined up starting at 5pm and I joined them later outside of the concert hall. Only after 8 pm they opened the doors. Don’t want to talk about the way they let people in, ’cause this was a bit to much personal treatment we got exposed to … Per door they only let 2 people in, cecked tickets and bags and yes it took ages.

We made it and of course we tried to get as close as possible to the stage… It was very warm and I was surrounded by 95% of male Madonna fans! Little that I know was that it would take another almost 2 hours before the Queen started her concert.  Have to admit that I decided to move a bit back to give the fans more space 😋

Waiting was worth it and Idris Elba helped 🙂 it was obvious that he enjoyed what he did. 

In general: good show, great outfits, nice dancing and of course she was superb. I am glad my friends suggested to join them.    


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