Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones / A nice and pleasant evening walk

Less than 10 km and I was at the ocean. Calm, warm and families with kids playing at the beach. Amazing for November. 

The walk is about 7 km, easy and “light”.

I love the green amd the fresh air. And so does my skin.
I like the reflection of the clouds.
Summerhill House Hotel …

One of the best things for me is the hotels fireplace. Ok I admit that the wedding decoration could be slighty irritating. But somehow it has its charm as well, especially when couples discuss their upcoming wedding ….

And it seems that some women seak this special environment or shall I call it setting. Actually i should say: pick the hotel deliberately. I met 2 ladies yesterday who came to spend a lovely time in the hotel/spa and hoped to meet a potential husband over dinner.. all (husband, wedding and a child) before they turn 40 (2 years ahead). Hmmmmmmmm  – sounds like a lot of stress to me.

The problem was, that there was no wedding this weekend and only women were present spending a girlie weekend or married middle age couples. … Bad luck😉

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