“You don’t like our bread?!!” Dinner in Paris 

“You need help?” “Yes please. …… Thanks and it’s a good  idea I will take the fish …..”

3 min. later after my drinks arrived:

“Thanks but no thanks, you can take the bread away again, please.”

He looked at me with an almost shocked face, eyes big wide open:” So you don’t like our bread??” “Well no, I do like it!” “So take one, at least one!”

Hmmmmm, well …. yes, exactly… easy. So the French / German challenge was settled very elegantly. We continued with our duties: he working – me eating, when all of the sudden: he rushed towards me and my table, determined, focused smiling (!!) at me somehow using his eyes to support his smile, me not expecting another interaction before asking for the bill, standing close to me waving a bread basket: “Some more bread?” 

“Well no, but a glas of white wine would be nice, actually.”

We both smiled – and he responded:” Nice.”

– a really nice restraurant 


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