Every Little Step Counts / Or: the bigger the challenge is, the better it is to add small moments of happiness and visible improvements / 13 happy new toothbrush owner / May 2015

It was hot, hot as always before the rainy season starts. Being in a tent didn´t make it easier. I was very lucky to be able to spend time with the kids and their Mummy.

Sometimes circumstances force us to be creative –  for sure something people in not so fortunate parts of the world master very well.  Hygienic facilities were really simple and it was obvious that new brushes could make a difference ….. So we drove to a shop nearby and made the shop owner very happy.

We bought all kids brushes 🙂

And each child got an own brush with his or her name written on it. And so we made the kids very happy as well. Which made me very happy.

So easy, just see for yourself. We all can make a difference.

Putting their names on.


He was very happy with his Panda.

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