Sunday in Berlin or school enrolment Vietnamese style / Dong Uang Center Berlin

It started like a good traditional Sunday. I baked strawberry cakes, the sun was shining and I just about finished everything when my friend came:  ” Hi”. “Hi, nice to see you. Oh that’s nice, you brought flowers!” ” Yes the shop I normally buy was closed, so I got these.” ” They are nice. Thank you very nice of you!” Thinking: when was was the last time I got flowers just like that???  But that’s a different story.  


We haven’t seen each for some time, actually not before I embarked on my amazing trip – which in all honesty feels like it’s light years ago. A lot to catch up: new job, London, Boston, Paris and: tell me all about your trip. “Show me picture please!”

The sun was still shining. “Coffee?” “Yes, I can wip the cream.” We quickly agreed to use the matching coffee china: blue and pink. And yes, we had to laugh because it was very old school in a way.

We never got to look at the pictures…. It took us some time to catch up,plus I never viewed the pictures  since I am back in Germany. Almost 3000 if not more. Why? Very simple: there is a certain anarchy in my picture universe and my Mac space somehow full. :))To a degree that “even” Apple Helpdesk lost it. Seriously I spent hours on the phone with them trying to get it organized. Phhhhhh…..

Anyway today was the day to create some order and surprise surprise: I “found” a lot of other pictures from previous trips I almost forgot. We spend hours arranging everything. He was copying and creating order: 2 external disc drives, 2 cameras and 2 or 3 liberies ….. By the time we were done it was time to move on. Already pass dinner time we decided to walk to the Vietnamese halls around the corner. I so love it there. Whenever I am homesick for Asia I go there! Open on Sunday’s and great for Asian grocery shopping as well.

Used closes container or street art everywhere.

happy family …. socialist poster design

What we didn’t knew was, that there were many parties today. Which was a nice surprise and we got to be a remote part of it. There were many happy cheerful people in a jolly mood and VERY loud music 🙂 We enjoyed it and the great food as well.  It’s so close to were I live and sooooo different. 

What a nice Sunday 😊 Great way to end a week.



It actually looks better at night with the lights…. gives it a more 3 dimensional appeal.
Old factory – way home – partly in use ….

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