Outside the City / May 16th…. 4 days after 

2 days after I arrived in Kathmandu, exactly 2 days after the second earth quake, we – my back than guides, now friends (!) – went to Bhaktapur Durbar Square.  It is 13km outside of Kathmandu. It’s one of the 3 Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley, and like the all 3 a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The longer we walked, the deeper we got inside the more damage we confronted. Sites are protected by police or military to ensure that no one steals ancient temple pieces, ornaments etc.


For the first time my friends got a glimps of the state this area was in and all of us walked around being devistated and in pain. 

Interesting for me to see was how well the on the ground support of mobilizing young police officer – male or female seems to have worked.  I went  to see the temples 28 years ago…. Let’s see how they will look in 28 years from now. …

There are plans to rebuild and construct ….. 


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