Happiness Guest House / Shops are closed / ” Are you part of the relief team?”

I took it easy yesterday and spend the extra of the day close to the guest house which is located in historic neighborhood of Boudhanath and moments a away from the great Stupa.

Buildings are not greatly effected here. You can find some people staying in tends but this is more – so I have been told – because they are scared to stay in their houses, especially after the 12th of May earthquake.


Walking around I can’t help but noticing that it feels very calm. Many places are closed. I also learned that many people form the villages or people who went to the villages can’t come back due to poor road conditions.


Empty streets.

Vendors sell their vegetables, fruit stands are selling bananas, apples, mangos and other tasty things. Of-course life must go on. Some make fun of the earthquake like the man from Werstern Union where I changed my money, some even excuse any inconvenience caused ……

People are very friendly that hasn’t changed over the last 20 something years. Monks are staying in the guest house as well where gentle music is playing in the lobby. Often people start sinning to the music which creates a very mellow atmosphere.  I got a room in the first floor: faster to escape the building in case …. was the reason. I felt 2 little “ones” when I was taking a nap in the afternoon; reminded me of my first earthquake experience in Manila.

“Hello, are you also part of the reliefe team?”

” No not yet, but we are checking what I can do to help while I am here. Open for any suggestion.” 

I am currently checking with a hospital and some other place.  

Guest house lobby: a tend for an old lady was assembled and put ioutside if the guest house to accompany another tend.

Aid packages from a Chinese Monastery….. piled up in the lobby.

It feels good and strange to be here. Almost like being in between. Unreal and real, sad and hopeful, gently and rough… For sure a strong experience about life and death and being thankful for what I have. Even we know we often get cough up in the stress we create or the hectic city/business life around us. And yes I agre: I am not much better, especially when I am working. 

Today is Heidi day, which will bring me to the holy river. I am sure I will get to see a different picture …..

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