14.05 / helicopter noise


Saw a lot today 😦  I learned that since the second big earthquake people are more scared again. Before that, normality sneaked in for a bit, but now no more.

Schools are closed since 22 day and now most shops are as well again.

60% of the citizens left the valley and 90% of the ones who aren’t – so I have been told – stay outside in tends.

I am sitting outside the guest house trying to upload pictures that I took today, but somehow it’s proving difficult with my IPad. The wind is blowing, I can hear birds, chanting and a constant helicopter noise.  Yes they are rescuing people from the mountains. 

Very bizarre atmosphere. The fear and uncertainty that it might hit again, is noticeable.  A very strong and positive feeling is to see how people support each other. 

And yet the sun is shining and the birds are singing. 


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