“Time to let go.” /Ready for Heaven 

Today we went to Pashupatinath. The good news: It is hardly effected by the earthquakes. As this is the most famous place you can imagine how busy it is, especially a few weeks ago …

The atmosphere is peaceful and calm. People watch the ceremonies and some had something like a little pick nick. I could see a cow chilling at the river and men collecting left over burned wood out of the river which wasn’t very easy to get out.

The side for the poorer people.

While we were there I could see that more were waiting for their turn.

It takes about 11/2 hour, they said. Not the ceremony, just the burning part.  If the father dies, the oldest son has to light the fire. The youngest for the mother. Once done the close family spends 13 days in a room at the temple. They are not allowed to touch each other and are separated through dividers, but they can talk, read, cook and pray of course. They are not allowed to eat salt during that time.


The side for the rich.

The dead body gets put in the water before it gets ready to be burned. its like giving water for the last time if i understood correctly.

The river is holy. In order to manage the pollution a filtering system has been installed and it is now cleaner as it used to be. It was amazing to see all of that. 

He works there and supports the ritual.

We spent some time watching what’s going on and walked around in the temple. Once we were “done” we went down to the river to pray for my sister and start her final journey. 

We bought some flowers for her .
I also had to give water to the river – 3 times.

Just as she wished!

I fulfilled my sisters last wish with 2 strangers who aren’t strangers anymore. I am very thankful that they did that for her and for me!!!



















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