Hello Kathmandu / Meeting Arjun / 28 years ago 


4 friendly flight attendants for 10 guest.
  Getting my visa and entering the country was super easy. Apparently no one over here heard about an entry restriction. 
” May I help you, please come to this terminal to scan your passport and for us to take a picture….. Do you like your picture?” 🙂 


“Your first time here?”

“No, 28 years ago I was here.”

“That’s a long time, things have changed. Welcome to Kathmandu.”

I went to another counter, paid 25€ and not even 15 minutes later I was getting my bag pack. The place Arjun picked for me is the same hotel my sister stayed. One night including breakfast USD 15.– it’s called Happiness Guest House and within the Boudha Gate. Very peaceful. Not really effected by the earthquake. 


When i checked in, I have been asked if I want a window seat????
I liked Spice Girl !

Arjun waited outside for me. After 2 years we finally meet. With a big smile: ” You look a lot like your sister .” “Yes we had a lot in common, but my hair was always longer 😉”……. A little competition can’t harm, right? 

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