Locker Talk / American German Friendship – Hug Me!!!

I arrived in Miami on a Friday and met some friends in South Beach who came back from a Cruise. We decided to spend the next day together on the beach to have a lazy day. Sounded good to me. So this is what we did. All day on the beach. Great.

Yes indeed we had a great time, food some wine, comfortable deck-chairs, fluffy towels ….. just one little tiny thing wasn´t perfect. There was a lot of wind and as one would expect in the land of the free, we were not allowed to open the sunshades unless someone was sending an “all-clear” to someone.  As a matter of fact we tried and were politely “corrected”. It came as it had to come. This someone had no rush. Finally after some time we could all happily retire in the shade. TO LATE. TO LATE. Beginners mistake 😦

I only realised when I was in the changing room on the way to the steam bath: a spunky red chest was screaming at me. And so did I: “Oh my god, luck at that!” The young woman behind me didn´t take seconds to respond. This was her moment. “I see,  but great boobs.” “Oh thanks.” Literally 3 seconds later: her left hand ripping her left biki top off, her eyes wide open and with a big grin she reacted: ” Look at mine. And???” lol. There she was super proud pushing her treasure towards me. I confirmed and told her that she had beautiful breasts which encouraged her to run towards me with her arms wide open: “Lets hug!”. This one was on a mission. “Sure why not, lets hug!” So we hugged with full body contact. “I love you. You are so great….. ” …… Me wanting to bring this to a graceful end: “We both can be lucky to have them.”  “Yes they certainly help.” me thinking that this is a way to look at it as well and that I almost forgot all about that point of view.




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