Polarlights or Nature is playing 

We were back in the lodge after our tour and had a last joined team dinner. All teams were back, the atmosphere vibrant and good vibes all around from a bunch of happily excited people. All the sudden people stood up and went out. Some one spotten polar lights and almost everybody went outside to check it out. 

I had no idea that there is an app that sends message when there is polar light time nor that there are special websites that predict time and day … but of course it makes total sense. Anyway I joined in and went outside as well. 

It was absolutely Spectacular. Mindblowing. Magical. Dynamic. Outstanding. Never ending. It was a play that went one for some time. New and new formations, new beginnings and others fading away. I had no stand for my camera this is the reason why my pictures are so blurry, still I decided to take pictures to capture the beauty.  But Petra who was part of our team is a polar light hunter and she came fully equipped. She also went back outside from 12 to almost 2 am in the morning to capture more pictures. .🙃 I can relate to her fascination. 

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