Meet Oscar and Billie Street Artists / Summer in the City 

As often, when I do have a home office day, I need to walk around to ease my mind, move my body, connect to the world and get inspired – besides doing grocery.
Berlin is a fabulous place to ease ones mind and get inspired. If you really allow yourself to wonder around and take a look, it’s almost endless what you can see. And believe it or not, people are super friendly and engage easily in conversations, at least that’s what they do with me. Or is it me with them? Anyway, I was doing exactly this. I stopped when I saw two men drawing. I felt the passion, their dedication, the piece of the setting and everybody could stop and join for a short moment. So I stopped – of course  – and we started to talk. 

“So you covering the refugee topic!” ” Yes, but more what the children are doing: one helping, one guiding, one teaching, one watching ….”. 

I learned that Oscar is from Spain and Billie from the UK. They started 6 days ago and know the house owner. I asked them, if they are afraid that someone will put graffiti over their painting and they said, that this is the way it goes sometimes. We spoke about street art and all the fantastic art one can find in abendont buildings in and around Berlin. I shared a great place I looked at recently that had great art thanks to the pictures I took. 

Meet Oscar from Spain…. water and movement ….
The scetch of the entire painting.
Child saving another child. Child showing the way and another one watching out will be added….. look at fhe little heart ….
The sun was almost gone and I still saw them painting 🙂

Art, humanity, expression and helping has been a part of our conversation. I spoke about the orphanage I am supporting in Nepal and they ask me to come by again and to stay in contact.

And guess what that’s exactly what I am going to do. 

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