6 days of pure fun/ NYC, Brooklyn, my niece &  I – first day 

2 years ago or was it 3?  we agreed to travel to NYC once A- Levels are passed. A few month ago we both agreed that now it’s the right time to do so, which was beginning of July. 

6 days of walking around, meeting my friends, loving NY, living in Brooklyn, shopping and exploring. We did it all. It was brutally hot when we arrived and I made fun of my friend who told me, that they have aircon. How American I thought: “I don’t need that.” Gosh how Germanic I became again 😦  I seemed to have forgotten how I was living in a hot country: exactly with aircon. Amazing that I am taking pride again in not having an aircon…… Phhhhhh…..The moment I arrived I loved even the thought of having a room that was cooler….. Hmmmmmmm

We had the appartment – now Airbnb for us. Is close to Prospect Park, newly done, perfect, and the hosts (my friends) are GREAT 👍🏽. 

We dropped our bags and went to look for th and organic shop. We both had this movie- becomes-reality – moment when we saw this. There was even a child playing in the water…..l

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