Berlin am Arsch / Walking home 

I like coming back home to Berlin every time I leave which is at least once a week, actually more is the norm ….

And because of my job I often don’t get the chance to walk enough – cause walking form home to the taxi to the airport to a meeting/ hotel doesn’t really count. To compensate and to reduce general paste, I do walk through the city a lot. When ever I can. I used to have a big fat Audi but this is not really useful in the City and not needed anyway. But this is a different story.

Walking through Berlin is really fun, because you get to see and experience a lot in every corner.

This I find funny. People know that no one ever cleans this and they still use it.


Alex and Museums Insel.

I walked from Mitte all the way home. This takes over an hour and I get to walk by historic buildings, Alexanderplatz and my favourite street in East Berlin.  

If possible stop by the Absinth Depot.

Nice to explore and have a drink. All the smokers will be happy because smoking is still allowed inside.

Beer by the meter.



Absint Depot in Mitte. Nice place to have a drink or 2.

And yes he is of course present in Karl Marx Allee- which is my most favourite street.   


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