Shop till you drop: Black Friday in Kathmandu / good Karma 

We finally found a great place. 3 rooms, big kitchen and 2 bathrooms: one for the girls and one for the boys is what the children said. Ok so shall it be. 

The landlord and his family are very kind and supportive and doesn’t mind 12 children and one baby. As a matter of fact we did find a great house a few days ago. Visited, had to come back in the evening to negotiate with th husband, agreed on a price and thought we are all set – only to find out, that the house is on a red list from the government. I was very upset and sad, because I was afraid that we can not move while I am here in Nepal. 5 days before my departure we started from scratch. Also the bed maker was not making the progress we anticipated. The day I was told that we have no place was not one of my best days. I decided to go to bed early and get a rest to face the challenge refreshed the next day. We all agreed to support and jointly scout for a new house. My role was to stay at the orphanage to allow Laxmi to scout as well. 

And what can I say: Nepalese Magic Happened thanks to Arjun Magjar (my sisters guide and now my friend as well). He found this place after a hard days work. As you can imagine it isn’t easy to find a great place 6 month after the second earthquake. Some of the landlords didn’t want 11 children, some places were to dark, poor sanitary facilities ….. I got to see a lot over the past few days.  😦 But I also saw a lot of good and nice things. I experienced how well the support network functions. How people support each other and can be excited to help and make a difference. Seriously amazing to have been part of this experinece!! 

Once we agree on the new place we made a plan to meet the next day to buy all the things we need: show time. Germany/Nepalese Style 💪🏼🙏🏽

Not enough on stock, 4 more to be delivered on Monday.

I insisted on a washing machine. Very good especially that the new place has power generator back up! Can’t wait to turn the baby on tomorrow. We all liked the design as well:)

We shopped in a shopping mall:” This is very good quality and not like in the streets!” “Sure!” We started in the 3Floor and ended at the Ground Level. Wow! 🙂

May I introduce: our new member of the gang! The days of washing cloth for 11 children by hand is past tense👏🏼
It is all about the plan 😎😜
We were collectively looking what we need for our new home
Lunchboxes and container for sugar and …..
I learned that these kind arent good for the children as we need water resistance ….
As a said: its all about precision!
It was obvious to take all matrasses that were already available with us..

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