Home Delivery / Superb Timing 

Time for sure was on our side. Everything we did worked out just fine. By the time we arrived at the house, the delivery service was already there. Stressfree and without any extra costs, ha! 

I am always amazed about different cultures, different ways to do things and how certain “things” work or as a matter of fact don’t work. Who does what? Who is taking care and who is doning  the actual work? What’s the set up of woman and man. Who is driving change and what’s the public facing reality of gender roles versus the private/community one? How do woman respond towards so called friends that are constantly around to help but actually do this for selfish or gready reasons? How does society respond towards one raising above and trying to break out? Is this here similar to the Philippines when even family will try to level the person “down” again to avoid change.  I have seen it many times and discussed this topic many many times during my almost 2 years of living and working in Manila….not easy to deal with, if you ask me.
How is a society responding to the change youth demands and their needes especially when religion plays a major role in a county?A 19 year young woman said something very sad to me 2 days ago: ” … you know when the police sees foreigner kissing it’s ok, but the same doesn’t apply to us. They are not caring about our feelings. Even when a dog dies I do sing for him in English to ensure he does get reborn outside Nepal.”😧

This country is gong through a lot of changes. A lot of young people try to leave even so the love for Nepal is strong. Hmmmm   

Besides all the talking we never forgot the main goal of me being here: the children. Walk pained, bulbs replaced and place cleaned.

In order to define who will be in which room I suggested to place mattress on the floor. This felt like an amazing discovery moment.   


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