Arrival / 6 month ago versus Now

When I arrived at customs I was happy to see much more people enter Nepal. 6 month ago it wasn’t even a handful. Flat screens seem to be in high demand here…. At least this is my airport observation. Hmmmmmm

If you have no visa: not a Problem at all. There is a touchscreen that allows you to enter your contact details and it takes a picture of you too. You take the recript and pay  for the visa: either 25โ‚ฌ or 25 USD (doesn’t really matter) and you are allowed to enter the country.

A lot of restaurants are closed and I saw a line of people sitting outside with a gas container. People wait the entire night outside to refill their gas container. The situation didn’t improve the last 6 month and there is a conflict with India which leads to gas and patrol crisis.

By the time I arrived at the happiness guesthouse which is very close to ( the Boudha Stupa everything was closed already. I quickly went to a supermarket and on my way back I could see two women praying “around” the Stupa. Standing, going down on their knees, laying on the ground, stretching their hands and praying, putting down a stone where the fingers touched the ground, getting up again, walkimg to the place they placed the stone to do the same all over again. 

Both were wearing knee covers. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

here a picture from 1966 just to give an idea on size of the heritage side. I am curious how find out how long the praying took them

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