Arrival / 6 month ago versus Now

When I arrived at customs I was happy to see much more people enter Nepal. 6 month ago it wasn’t even a handful. Flat screens seem to be in high demand here…. At least this is my airport observation. Hmmmmmm

If you have no visa: not a Problem at all. There is a touchscreen that allows you to enter your contact details and it takes a picture of you too. You take the recript and pay  for the visa: either 25€ or 25 USD (doesn’t really matter) and you are allowed to enter the country.

A lot of restaurants are closed and I saw a line of people sitting outside with a gas container. People wait the entire night outside to refill their gas container. The situation didn’t improve the last 6 month and there is a conflict with India which leads to gas and patrol crisis.

By the time I arrived at the happiness guesthouse which is very close to ( the Boudha Stupa everything was closed already. I quickly went to a supermarket and on my way back I could see two women praying “around” the Stupa. Standing, going down on their knees, laying on the ground, stretching their hands and praying, putting down a stone where the fingers touched the ground, getting up again, walkimg to the place they placed the stone to do the same all over again. 

Both were wearing knee covers. 🙂 

here a picture from 1966 just to give an idea on size of the heritage side. I am curious how find out how long the praying took them

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