On my way / Time is a Challenge – as always 

I arrived at the airport with 3 pieces of luggage. All in all 35kg without hand luggage. Being a silver card holder not an issue I thought.

Thinking is not always easy 😦 and it didn’t help, that I forgot my airline card. 175€ per extra luggage! No way. I managed to reduce it to 2! pieces (my face was slightly heated after this session), called the company travel agent who must have had my card number (I was right), got business bitch activated and as a result  the luggage situation was resolved. AirBerlin was very helpful.
As I was sitting in the plane I checked my camera. And yes: I charged it but forgot to put the battery back in😂 

Lucky me I have a small one with me as well. It was a  tough week which counts as an excuse. Tuesday 7am flight to Paris, 2 days back home next day 9am flight to Brussels and same day back. And I had a taxi driver from hell bringing me to the airport. I almost missed my flight. Because it frequently happens that I need in airports I made the wise decision, some years ago, to never travel wth highheels! So much smarter. 

Now boarding to Kathmandu.


if he is dreaming of his next vacation?
A nice thing to see in the mornimg: fluffy clouds .
how did i manage that? and where is my boarding pass?
Don’t push nor take the trolly down the stairs , makes sense 🙂
Even when I was still smoking I never understood this.

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  1. huubi says:

    I love your posts !😆😂


    1. BB says:

      Good to know! 😎


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