First time Halloween for me/ Facial Artist / KaDeWe Champagne with “poor” Music

It all started some month ago:” Come join us we are having a Halloween Party at home.” “Really?”   “Yes.” “Ok, why not.” Not being a motto-party-person this was only possible if: All-in.

All in meant a costume to rent. And if I go all the way to rent a costume I might as well did hire a make up artist (my friend is really smart and booked a student who was looking for “models” – so I did the same). And all in also translated into joining my friend for the KaDeWe annual Halloween Party. 

The result was: I actually had fun. If you are ever looking for a costume in Berlin I strongly recommend you go to

Super friendly, helpful and a great experience to explore options together with a team member who knows where to find what and best mix it together.

And if you are looking for someone to do your make up in Berlin: please contact To Quyen Ngo (on Facebook Toqy Ngo). It was a pleasure the way she did take care of me 🙂 Plus you can support young talent.

And next year: I guess I will be going again😎



us having fun ….

The KaDeWe atmosphere was great. Still not enough people dressed up. The more stiff conservative  West Berliner society preferres to come in standard black evening gown. I really find it fascinating how different the “world” is compared to East Berlin. This is an entirely different crowd. My friends where laughing cause I kept on staring at the newly introduced reality ….

A lot of the women looked like the KaDeWe food section is there second home. For sure a standard Saturday routine -to have a glas or more Champagne- as a reward for the tough shopping. Some of them were dressed more expensive than the amount I am trying to raise for Nepal at the moment. Not to mention the lips and hips job they had done. …. Hmmmm 

Music: not what I normally hear or like. Much better in the East! That’s for sure:) 

Still a great and fun experience especially when you go with a group of people. 

He found me ….
I found him ….
We found us …..
They found us …..

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