Happyness in Wicklow/ back again! – I am in love with Irland

Exactly a year ago after The Websummit in Dublin I decided to spend the weekend in Irland – which was already a great idea. Even a better idea to do the same this year.  I like it when I have great ideas 😏 ….. 

Don’t you find it amazing how different wind and sun can feel in your face?

You can spend a nice relaxing afternoon walking around, relax, have great food, enjoy what you see, and if it doesn’t rain even the wind. I was lucky. 

For all the ladies in the house: Avoca! “A cultural & speciality shopping Center” hallelujaaaa!!! I have scented candles for the rest of the year now:))) http://www.avoca.com – their cafe is a delight as well. 

Powerscourt Gardens – don’t miss the Japanes garden!!

That seems to be the standard here👍
Somehow I always find them.
you can’t go wrong…… never
Don’t miss having a cup tea or something delicious in the caffee of the Powerscourt Estate

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