Old historic part / Meeting my brother incidentally – many moons ago

I traveled to Kathmandu many many moons ago for the first time. It was a very special trip I did back that time with my brother. We started together but I have to admit, that we split ways in India because I met someone 😦 What a bad older sister I was… A bit of a selfish act if I now think back, he was just 19 …. We spoke about it just before I left and he isn’t mad at me :))

Anyway we suppose to meet in Kathmandu. Remember we had no internet or mobile phones and all communication was per letter to poste restante. The problem was, that I had to stay longer in India (sick) and everything shifted by 3 weeks. I thought I never going to meet him again …… By incident we bumped into each other in the streets in Kathmandu. My travel companion wanted me to take the same way back to the hostel after we had dinner and I said, that I feel like taking the other way. My brother stopped by a little kiosk to get some soda to drink after he had his dinner. And magic happened : we met! The temple we went to climb up overlooking the city doesn’t exist anymore, I checked yesterday. But they will rebuild it, I have been told. I guess we will have to wait a few more years and come back. 

Dharaha – the most iimportant historicl tower in Kathmandu.

300 people got killed when the tower collapsed.
9stories temple in Dharbar square.
It is strictly prohibited to take anything out of the historical preserved area.


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