Nepali Children / Mahila Tatha Organisation 

Today was a very special day. I met 10+ beautiful children and a great woman who runs the orphanage – her daughter is currently helping as well.

Their house is kaputt as well and they are staying in a tend provided by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation – Humanitarian Aid for Nepal earthquake. I want to see how I can mobilize sums funds to help her rebuild their home.


The hair is shaved to which makes sense given the circumstances.
Lunch time – I liked it:)
Communicating in various ways.
Getting tio know each other – connecting.

After we had joined lunch we all went to rest for a little – including me. We also went to the toilette together and helped each other to wash hands and feet. It’s truly amazing to see how the kids help each other and of course they also fight.

Sleeping time.


In the afternoon I introduced the game: Ich sehe  was, was  du nicht siehst und das ist…. –  I see something you don’t see and it is red/ white …. Every time some one guessed it correctly we all started to applaud. The kids where happy and we had so much fun, that we didn’t notice the aftershock.

I only learned about it when I was sitting on the back of the scooter on my my way back home when Raj asked if I felt it. We didn’t feel a thing. 

The streets were packed as everybody was outside because of it.

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