Ulan Bator – impactful day / slightly hangover 

I arrived early in the morning. Slept well which was to be expected after our “border action”. A smiling Oggi was already waiting for me. Our first stop was seeing a Buddha which took us approx. 20 min including the journey. Once that was done part of the agenda as to ensure I get breakfast. We drove another 10 min. to wait for over 30 min. for the restaurant to open. Actually it never opened….. No one understood why. We drove to another branch to wait for ……

This was a good start and in a way it made us laugh when we finally managed to get them to open the place for us. 

Next stop hotel …..  As you can see, the hotel had everything you need and even more….. I slept very well !!!!!  and the waterpressure was  great.


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