Tents / Everywhere in the City

You see them everywhere: official places where NGOs and government organization provide tends, water and food, but also in back yards or any other “suitable” space.

There is no restriction, people can put them up if they feel it’s a safe place. I saw people setting them up yesterday so it looks like they are not likely to move back home soon – if they still have a home. The fear is big!!!

You decide on your own, if your house is safe or not. They can turn it down, if it has cracks/ unstable and will get some support to rebuild it. Easier for people in the city, almost impossible for people in the countryside without any additional help.


Official camp in Tudikhel.
Building by the Kalopul.
This community in the historic part – Durbar square- counts 400 people. The group is cooking for all of them jointly together.
Police and military protect places and ensure that no one takes anything …..

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