Confusion (mis) Perception Clarification / I like the “Game” & Hermes


“Yes, I can see you like Asian things”. – selfconfident: “It’s like what you have in your hair!” I guess he meant my barrett. 

“Well actually it’s French.” I took the hairslide off (hi hi i have long hair..), showed it to him and continued: ” Don’t you think Hermes makes beautiful products?” He replied:” I see, you are easy to distract!”, while smiling at me. “Nope, I call this having a strong ability to respond on different situations/requirements in no time effortlessly and being able to correct misperceptions when they occur to avoid misunderstanding going forward.” – short break to let him absorb, but not to long to create a wired moment I continued: “Would you mind if we continue our conversation?” ” Of course not.” “Great!”

Isn’t life beautiful?  😉

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