Boxhagener Markt / Friedrichshain / Spring is back

It’s nice to see how much people enjoy  first sunbeams. Even the water in the playground was operating already. In this post I take you for a little stroll around my neighborhood…

The Boxhagener market (since 1903) is a farmers market each Saturday. A flee market every Sunday’s. Everybody is chilled, staying / sitting /playing and drinking outside: Berlin style free spirited. More to read here:

Absolutely also potatoes should be happy and farmers allowed to walk freely.

…. who cares?


Window with a view !!


everything is locked, even the table is fixed to the wall…


this is not a nice but a common habit in this and a few other areas in ghe city ….


what I don’t get is, why the mattress is tied to the tree? do the owners want to use it again?? 😦


yep: 1,60€


I noticed a certain respect for existing art there is no on top spraying


The city still has a number of operating wells… apparently the english speaking community isn’t after “free” drinking water supply…. hmmmm 😉


Absolutely: no billboards… verboten! we love that word.

In a business partner meeting 01.03 I have been given a little white and red lucky charm called Marteniza. It is a Bulgarian tradition (7 pre Christ) and stands for health and long life. It is to be kept till first signs of spring com along the way: a swallow, a stork or a blooming tree. Before 01.04 once spotted it has to be put on the tree or underneath a stone while wishing for something nice.

Mission accomplished!👍🏽


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