From Budapest(i) to Bucuresti via Vienna / My 60th Country!!!!

Today is a special day: I am visiting the 60th country in my live. And yes I started to keep track because people keep on asking me: how many places have you seen? Now it is 60 …. In how many countries did you live? 6 …… In how many did you work: 10 not counting now ๐Ÿ™‚ And recently: Are you working for an airline? NO….

Left Budapest early evening in a small plane… The flight was actually cute tiny little 35 min. Talking about cliches ….  

Changed in Vienna and now I am here ๐Ÿ™‚ Curious to see what is happening tomorrow …. Did not know how to get a taxi but a friendly security guy helped me to fix my dilemma.


Taxi = gambling a straight forward translation if you ask me. And why don’t have this system in Berlin? by the time the new airport is lounged (when opened it will be old already, an interesting concept as well if I can share my humble opinion here), it could make it much easier for many people. Just an idea …..

Observation in the hotel: There still seems to be “expat living”  like 15 years ago. How can that be? Is that an area where time stood still? Will pay more attention from now on.  

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