Sunday Afternoon in Memory-Lane-Land: Budapest (part1)

Apparently a new interpretation of fast in Berlin which confused over 50 people still waiting to get through security 15 min before actual departure.

As there is no direct flight from Berlin to Budapest I stopped over in Munich.   

Munich made it easy to leave 🙂

I had mixed feelings about my trip: very excited because I like the city very much combined with a certain melancholy as it makes me think about the time when I lived and worked here. Budapest was my home for 3 years many moons ago. ….. All of that combined with the recent events …. Believe it or not: I walked around for over 4 hours today and the city was calm and “normal”. Very bizarre actually. 

Tire challenge: we had to stip 3 times to pump air in again ….


Buda Castle area.
Matthias Church.
Good Luck 🙂
Lunch with a view – Fishermans Bastion
It’s impossible to be here and not eating Gulash Soup😏
House of Parliament.

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