Camp Situation / super hot today / slight aftershock early evening

Interesting to see how people arrange themselves with the given situation: cook together, talk, walk around and create play optionen for their children. The camp is situated at the main entrance of the Royal Palace which is now a museum. The tents are located at an area that beIongs to the police. Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought to ever go to a police officer and ask for their wifi access and also getting it:))))) Amazing. 


How about rainy season?
The kids have space to run around and even play ball. Once in a while a policewoman/policeman is taking care (holding them, giving  food or water or  playing with them) as well. And once in a while they come to me to ask me who I am and where I am from.  Yesterday I have been asked, by a man who got insured in the earthquake, if I am married…… The concept of having a boyfriend – in my age – was making him laugh out loud!! I asked him which part is so funny for him: it was the combination of age and relationship status. Once I explained, that we don’t need to marry in Germany to be with someone his facial expression changed promptly. Now it was my time to laugh. 

   Water tanks provide water to wash and to cook. Sanitary facilities are poor and not laid out for that amount of people. I noticed today that the water  (abfliessen) anymore. …… You can actually see it in one picture. I spare us  from the toilettes.

Routine after using the restrooms:
It was brutally hot and dusty today. It also felt like it will rain in the afternoon but it didn’t. People are scared thinking about rainy season which will start May/June. 3 month rain and all you have is a tent if at all …. 


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