Breakfast / changed & maintained routine / 9


I found this little restaurant around the corner from where I stay. Super friendly and the food is good. It is called Cheflink. Wifi works perfectly. So I come here on a regular basis and Raju is always happy to see me. The other day I ordered a beer and I shared it with him. Same with my food, it was to much so he had the rest of my dumplings 🙂 

With all respect to the lady who runs the orphanage: I can’t eat all that food and drink the ohhh so tasty milk tea. The word No followed by a friendly but thank you  doesn’t seem to resonate, it’s like with the kids!  But I made an amazing discovery: One boy was hitting another boy on the head (happens a lot) and I started to say out loud: Nein which is No in German. Guess what: it worked!!!!! In Nepali Nein sound like 9 and means No. Ha!!! 🙂

Coming back to the food I am having with the kids, the amount, the fact that we all have to empty our plates – including me-  and guess what: yes mine is always super full, in combination with the lack of moving: It’s an effective way to manage wrinkle appearance, but enough is enough especially with getting grey or I shall rather say: white as one child hilariously noticed yesterday with a BIG smile. We all including all other woman had a big laugh. As I always say: competition isn’t sleeping! 
Looking forward to spending some more time with the kids later today.

Raju – restaurant General Manager.
2 Coffee, 2 x scrambled eggs 🙂 , 1 bottle of water and fresh cut cucumber = 320 Rupees = € 2,80


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