Gandan Monastery / biggest Buddha Central Asia / 3 prayers for me

The entire day was one big happening and a blessed experience. I seriously enjoyed every minute of it. Many good vibes! 
The Buddha we saw is the biggest in Central Asia!!! 

Wishing tree story: there where originally 7 trees. 6 got cut and the 7th survived because it was bleeding. :(( People touch the tree and whisper their wishes in the cracks/ chinks. They also touch the tree and cracks a lot.

The last one remaining ….
Do as the Mongolians do!
23 meters tall ….
Turn me so that my prayer can raise to the sky ….
We went to spent a few minutes watching a morning prayer session and I could see monks praying, this was a new experience as well. After a few minutes we continued our journey. Once we spent some time walking around and explored everything we went to see a Lama. He was reading my future based on numbers (1-100) I gave him and prayers he did. After he said his first two sentences about me I knew he knows what he was talking about :)). And no, I will not disclose. I was also offered to raise questions for him to check and I can only tell you: I am all fine and looking forward to my future. Yeah!!!

At the end of the session the lama gave me a piece of paper that contained three prayers for me. We went back inside and payed to get a service for me the next morning. I had to leave my name for the monks to address it when they did my part which was around 1 1/2 hours.  

Modern times … makes it easier to pay for the prayers.

“Birgit make sure you spend some time thinking about your prayers while you are in the train!”

“Sure I promise.”



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