Amazing Discovery / “No I wasn’t allowed to study!” 😂 meet my talented friend!!! 

Over 13 years ago, when I returned to Germany I thought that it was the right time to get a real nice sofa. So I got myself a what I consider a real nice sofa. I bought it in Frankfurt,  it got made in Italy delivered to Hamburg and relocated with me to Munich and Berlin.

A few month ago I felt like it is time – the right time – to get a new cover for the beauty. In order to stop buying all things new all the time it was the only real choice for me. Long story short: I got an offer from a company, but somehow I was hesitant and now I know why.

” It’s so lovely with all the flowers on the balcony, thanks for that.” “Pleasure.” ” You known the only thing missing now is a new sofa-look.” “Not a problem Heike can do that!”

And I had no idea. This is such a beautiful story: 👍🏽  Heike started sewing when she was 12 years old. This was about the time she got her first “West-Barbie”! Smuggled in of course and as she was “under cover” there were no outfits for the beauty. So Heike began to create ✂️outfits for her new gained toy. Fabric and material was hardly available in East Germany so dyed bed lined was used.

“And one day I was lucky because I got a plot of red cloth – flag fabric which I used for a fancy outfit, I used floorcloth as lining.”

Her mother did a sewing course but never liked it, this is how she became proud owner of a machine. Heike also got a handicraft book from West Germany which helped her to master her talent. It seems natural for her to apply to study design. But no university wanted to take her. And so she applied at theatres, opera etc. without any luck. Until someone told her the really sad truth. Her uncle asked her to join him for a funeral in West Germany which was possible when you had close relatives over there.  And because she applied for this special “treat” the former GDR classified her as someone who toes the line. Can you believe this? Wow – how great that this can’t happen again. Instead Heike did learn to become a bespoke pattern tailor. Ha!! And finished her teachings in 1 1/2 instead of 3 years.

The last few years Heike worked as a Design Assistant for Merch Mashiah.

Selbst ist die Frau 🙂

She decided to move in with her little machine .

Dream Team !

Men at work !

As you can see we both were very happy with the outcome 🙂

First trial evening. .. we all approved.

It’s truly amazing how the sofa looks like. I am super happy with the fabric, the color she picked and the way it is done. Seriously amazing work done with style and passion from someone who knows how to do it. Beautiful!

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